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All Parties wishing to contact the Imperial Knighthawk Kenny can send him an e-mail through the IKA main add at ikahq@kkkk.net Until further notice Imperial Knighthawk Kenny's phone is down and will be back up soon.


IKA MEMBERS...Important News Alert

As you know the last several years have been difficult ones for our Klan. The IKA has been the target of very powerful enemy forces. These enemies are very cunning, and very intelligent. Their abilities must not be underestimated. Their goal is, and always will be, to make the White, Aryan Race extinct. They have incorporated another very powerful weapon alongside the mixing of Aryan blood with the blood of other races. On the battlefield, we know who the enemy is and can combat him headon. Now, the demise of our race, could come from an enemy we do not recognize...THE ENEMY WITHIN. Create chaos and dissension from within our movement. The enemy can then stand back and watch, gleefully saying, "Let them eat themselves".

Thankfully, many members have come to recognize this enemy within. They have gotten back in touch with Ron, wanting, once again, to stand united and be Honorable examples of a proud White Race.

I am proud and happy to tell you the IKA is alive, and doing well. Once again, we are experiencing significant growth in our ranks.

The IKA would like to take this opportunity to extend a special thank you to our Brother Jim Sheeley. Jim's loyalty, dedication, and willingness, to have assumed the role of acting IW, (Imperial Wizard), helped greatly to make the present transition possible. Jim's role has now shifted from acting IW to the much needed role of seeing to the administrative clerical needs that are vital to the IKA's day to day functioning.

In consultation with our friend Ron, a new IKA Board has been established, and is currently functioning in a strong, coordinated manner. The Board will meet on a regularly scheduled yearly basis. Should the need arise, the Board can be called into session at any given time. The IKA Knighthawks are once again back at their posts and doing a fine job.

The IKA would like to give a special salute to our friend Ron. Ron has unselfishly given us much needed advice during the recent transitional period. Ron, the IKA gives you a much deserved salute!!

To all White Racialists who are proudly standing in the hedge for the White Race....The Imperial Klans of America, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, will always stand with you. We will be there till the end...till Victory is ours.


Beginning immediately, Postal Money Orders, are to be made out to: IKA

Please, use Postal Money Orders only.

Once again...Postal Money Orders must be made out to: IKA. They are to be mailed to:


P.O. Box 177

Dawson Springs, Kentucky 42408

Those wishing to write Ron Edwards, are to send their letters to:



Ronald Wayne Edwards  12036-033
Federal Prison Camp

P.O. BOX 33

Terre Haute, IN 47808


Those wishing to send  Ron Edwards money they have to be postal money orders made out to
Ron Edwards Plus his inmate number. It should look like this

Ronald Wayne Edwards 12036-033

You have to send money to a different address listed below..

Federal Bureau of Prisons National Lock Box
Ronald Wayne Edwards 12036-033
P.O. Box 474701
DES MOINES IOWA, 50947-0001


For other information email us at IKA Headquarters. The address is KKKK.net

You can write us at: IKAHQ

P.O. Box 177

Dawson Springs, Kentucky 42408






E-Mail: ikahq@hotmail.com

Help preserve White heritage. Join the IKA today


1999 - 2012, Imperial Klans of America

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