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Christians, Odinists, National Socialists, Skinheads, Nazi's, Defenders, Confederates, other White Racialists now welcome into FULL IKA membership!!!

In this the 6th Era of the Ku Klux Klan, the Imperial Klans of America Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, led by Imperial Wizard Ron Edwards, has formed a "New Klan". This "historic" event recently took place during the IKA's Spring Fest Celebration held March 2006 at its Dawson Springs Kentucky, Headquarters location.

This new membership policy was not one that came about easily. Since its beginning the IKA has been a Klan that only accepted Christians into its Ranks. It always prided itself in having Unity with other organizations concerned with the future of our White Race. In doing so it sometimes found itself as an outcast in some circles. This did not deter Wizard Edwards and the IKA members. They felt the UNITY with those who saw the White Race as under attack, was more important than being looked down upon, because it invited these other Organizations and Crews to share in their Festivals and Gatherings. The IKA was always proud to have these other racialist groups fly their own Flags alongside the IKA's.

This spirit of Unity on the part of the IKA, sometimes known as Klannishness, often attracted those of other White Nationalist, White Supremacist and or White Separatist views. Many wanted to become a part of the IKA and share in its Brotherhood and able leadership. They often remarked that a part of the attraction of the IKA was that Imperial Wizard Ron Edwards had been a stable Wizard for a number of years and was always there for his people.

Imperial Wizard Ron Edwards convened a meeting at this years IKA Fall Fest held in March. He specifically wanted to address issues that were arising from the new type of applicants the IKA was attracting and the stated beliefs that the IKA had posted on its website for so many years. The long held KKK belief in States Rights vs. the National Socialism view held by many Klansman today, was discussed at length. The Imperial Minister of Propaganda for the IKA described how National Socialism differs from our common stereotype of Socialism that is associated sometimes with Marxism or Communism. He also described some of the beliefs of other White Nationalist groups and the reality of IKA members that hold these beliefs. Needless to say much attention was devoted to his insight in this later statement.

The Grand Dragon of the Realm of Virginia represented the side of the older, more "traditional" Ku Klux Klan. I expressed my concern that as a "Christian" Klan we might already be putting so much emphasis on these other groups within the IKA that our Christian message was being obscured. If our stated beliefs need revision I felt we needed to do so and to state what they now were. A Klan like the IKA that responds to the needs of the White race needs to work at the process of continually defining itself. We could not state one thing on our website and in reality practice something else.

Our Wizard listened very intensely as the discussion ensued. From my perspective he was very concerned that our Christian orientation remain strong like it always has. However, he noted one of the IKA's great strengths has been it's ability to get along well with other White racialist organizations, and they with us. He wanted to be clear that he cherished the old ways of the Ku Klux Klan and would always be a Klansman. Yet the original Klan, under Imperial Wizard Nathaniel Forrest did not form to be a Christian Church; just as the IKA does not exist to be a Christian Identity Church. The original Ku Klux Klan came into existence because White people were in trouble. They were being oppressed and they needed something like the Klan to come to the aid of the White Race.

Ron Edwards has decided that today's "New Klan", is in reality none other than the resurrection of the Original Ku Klux Klan. The Klan of the 6th Era, the IKA, has become emboldened with the spirit of all White Warriors that have went before it! We now are empowered like never before. We now draw on the strength of the heritage of the many White Supremacist Groups within the ranks of the IKA. Now, within the IKA, the message of all groups will be heard. No one's/groups/crews/organizations message will be obscured. Each will be able to have their own separate identity within the Klan, be they Odinists, National Socialists, Nazi's, Skinheads, Defenders, Confederates, or any other group so dedicated to our Cause.

As to how all of this develops, only time will tell. I do know that for over a year now a number of Odinists have had their own adherents as members of the IKA. Things have worked well for the most part. They are some of our most active members. We have our separate faiths, yet we are bound by our Aryan heritage and IKA Brotherhood.

It is a privilege to be given the authority by Ron to announce this new IKA membership policy and to give my perspective on it. Mine is one of many, as there are many committed IKA Brothers and Sisters who are continually involved in our Brotherhood. I look forward to standing alongside the White Nationalist groups as they grow within the IKA.


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