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Due to questions on why we light the cross, here is an explanation. The fiery cross is a Klan symbol representing the ideals of Christian civilization. Out of the Holy Bible comes the wonderful story of Calvary's rugged, but holy cross.

The cross is a symbol of sacrifice, service, and a sign of the Christian religion, sanctified and made holy nearly 19 centuries ago by the suffering and the blood of Christ. It is a constant reminder that Christ is our criterion of character and his teachings are our rule of life --- blood bought, holy, sanctified, and sublime.

We have added the fire to signify that "Christ is the light of the world." As light drives away the darkness and the gloom, so a knowledge of the truth dispels ignorance and superstition. By the fire of Calvary's cross we mean to cleanse and purify our virtues by burning out our vices from the fire of His word.

In no way does it represent a desecration of the cross; we merely light the cross, the blazing spirit of Western Christian civilization. The history of the fiery cross is of Scottish origin. It was utilized as a sign of opposition to tyranny from big government, and obedience to God.


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