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Welcome to the Imperial Klans of America International Office's web site . The IKA has been a functioning pro-White organization since 1997, establishing the Sixth Era of the Ku Klux Klan (internationally).

Our aims include fighting for White Civil Rights, educating our people concerning the problems that face our race, culture, and civilization, and uniting and organizing those of our people who are still resistant towards the ever-increasing anti-White hysteria that is plaguing the entire white world.

The IKA headquarters, based in Dawson Springs, Kentucky, exists for the purpose of providing a physical backbone for our organization. Members throughout the year are invited to travel to the property to work on various projects and causes that contribute to the advancement of our aims. As well, many IKA gatherings held at the headquarters such as cross lightings serve to network and unite our members.

The IKA's focus on communication and unity also results in the many festivals we hold open to all Aryan activists, no matter what organization, if any, they belong to. These include the now legendary annual Nordic Fest, a white power festival including speakers, live music, cross & swastika lightings, etc., as well as other festivals like Fall Fest. Again, the value of these events lies in their outstanding results of networking, uniting, educating and inspiring the Aryan Folk in combating society's common anti-white sentiment.

We believe this is a propaganda war rather than a war of violence and bloodshed, and for these reasons we limit our actions to tactics which are strictly legal, with an emphasis on communication. We strongly oppose actions that would lead any white patriot to incarceration, realizing that this renders them unable to continue the struggle on the outside where they can make the most difference.

The Klan was once a white fraternal order with millions of members all throughout the North and South of our country.
A study of the Klan will reveal a once well-respected organization that saved our people from certain destruction in more than one instance. The Klan has a rich and noble history that our detractors work day and night to obscure, ignore, and distort. Of course, there are also the circus freaks they portray on television shows like Jerry (The Zionist)  Springer's who call themselves Klansmen. These types receive all the airtime they want while more intelligent Klansmen have a hard time getting little if any at all.

However, with the advent of the Internet and other technologies, we now have a serious advantage in dealing with our present situation. In the past decades, white activists have been limited to relying on personal contact, flyering, and other forms of printed literature to communicate to and recruit our people, and our movement was stunted as a result of this deprivation.

The Zionist
owned book publishers, newspapers & magazines, record labels, radio and television stations screened out anything sympathetic to whites and even went out of their way to promote everything that is detrimental to us. Our young people who may have questioned these things, still uncorrupted and unconditioned, usually had no way of gaining access to any other viewpoints during that critical time of their intellectual development, nor did any other age group of our people who wished to explore the alternatives. In essence, the Jewish supremacists who have always hated us achieved a monopoly on information itself. No more.

The walls of total censorship have been torn down and now anyone wishing to examine our side of the story has complete and total access to do so. If a young white is curious, all they have to do is type a few words in a search engine and they are introduced to the entire world of White Power. They can view the information objectively and decide for themselves, rather than simply being starved from the truth, which is what ZOG wants more than anything. This has had dramatic effects on the movement, and now new recruits are joining our ranks at exponentially increasing rates.

The types of individuals that we seek are honorable, intelligent, responsible, and of pure Aryan heritage. All members must be willing to commit and dedicate themselves, and to contribute to the best of their ability. We need men and women who have courage and principles, who will take a stand for what they believe in when the times get hard. We want people who are not afraid to speak their minds about what is wrong with America. We need those who will stand tall and proud for the future of Faith, Folk, Klan and Nation.

We will NOT tolerate drug users / dealers, thieves, child molesters / abusers or anyone with immoral character in our movement. We are imploring all white people of good character to stand up today and do your part for the future. We must honor our ancestors and fight for the same reasons they bled and died. We must leave behind a decent, white world for our children. We must change the course of history and restore our great legacy to what it always was since the dawn of our kind. We must restore order and sanity, and build a society that has purpose and direction to lead our people in fulfilling their destiny. Lend a hand to our struggle, join us today!

International Office:

P.O. BOX 177


The Imperial Klans of America Knights of the Ku Klux Klan are a legal and law abiding organization that will NOT tolerate illegal acts of any sort. If you take it upon yourself to violate the law, you do so on your own. If you commit an illegal act, it will result in your membership with the IKA to be on suspension and you may be banished. We cannot and will not be responsible for any member committing any illegal acts. We have many people that are counting on us and we cannot afford to be locked up, broken down or continually starting over.

We need a rock solid foundation upon which to build our organization and we cannot do this in jail. We cannot win by putting our brothers, sisters or ourselves in danger. If anyone starts speaking of illegal acts to you, tell them to STOP, walk away and report it to the International Office ASAP


The Imperial Board of the Imperial Klans of America.



E-Mail: ikahq336@hotmail.com

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